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Communications Designer & Illustrator


Creativity is what makes my world go round

Hello! My name is Graciela Mendez (Grace in short). I am a Bolivian Communications Designer & Illustrator living and working in The Netherlands.

As far as I remember, I've always had a strong inclination towards creative and artistic projects. I feel it natural to be inventive with my personal and professional endeavors. However, although I was always drawn to it, Design & Illustration was not a path that I considered when building my professional career. Now it seems that it was inevitable for me to end up here.

​For more than 7 years I developed my professional career in the fields of corporate communications, marketing, and project management. In May 2019 I decided it was time to start a new quest and focus on expanding my set of skills, directing my path towards where my passion resides, the field of Design & Illustration. At that time, neither ThinkPurple nor BolivianitaArt were in my plans, but unknowingly I was preparing myself to bring them to life one year later.

On July 2020 I registered my independent/freelance design studio: ThinkPurple at the Dutch Chamber of commerce (KvK-nr: 78371929  VAT: NL003328719B52). From then on, I have been balancing my work time between my formal job as a Corporate Branding and Communications Specialist and my independent projects under the brands of ThinkPurple (for company brand illustration services)  and BolivianitaArt (art with a tint of “Bolivianidad”, illustration and merchandise).

With ThinkPurple, I work with companies to create custom illustrations that help make their branding, events, and special occasions memorable. While with BolivianitaArt, I build a brand that brings experiences, thoughts, and feelings to life through illustrations and merchandise. With both branches, I look to connect with others through the powerful tools of art and creativity.

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Professional Background in short

  • Communications Design & Illustration

  • Corporate Communications

  • Project Management

  • B2B Marketing

  • Brand & Identity Design

  • Content Management 

  • Internal Communications

  • Concept Development

  • Storytelling


My Education in short

  • Graphic Design Diploma

  • MBA in International Business Management

  • Strategic Marketing  Diploma

  • Bachelor in Tourism and Hotel Management

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Brand illustration for memorable occasions

Bolivianita Art logo 1080x1080.png

Art with a tint of "bolivianidad"

ThinkPurple is a Creative Design studio dedicated to brand illustration. ThinkPurple focuses on the design of tailor-made illustrations for companies that are looking to make their events and special occasions, memorable. 

Why the name "ThinkPurple"?

I chose this name because for me it represents what I want to achieve with this entrepreneurship. I want to encourage people and companies to think in a different and more creative way, in a way that added value and connections are generated through the use of art. This combination results in a long-lasting impression and fulfilling experience.

The color purple stimulates creativity and encourages "out of the box" thinking.


In the middle ages, this was a color reserved only for royalty and clergy, because it was expensive and difficult to obtain. Fortunately, nowadays it can be easily reproduced in many ways and in various tones (and I love them all).

Just like the history of the color, "creative thinking" is thought to be exclusive for certain types of people, professions, or industries. But in reality, creativity is everywhere and can be sourced in many ways. With ThinkPurple I harvest that creativity and manifest it in a unique piece of illustration that will ensure the memorability of that special occasion your company is celebrating.

Soon I will release more information about this project and how your organization can benefit from it. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, if you are interested in this service, please contact me.

BolivianitaArt is an illustration and merchandising brand, born out of my desire to create illustrations that represent stories, experiences, thoughts and feelings while including visual signs of "Bolivianidad".

Why the name "BolivianitaArt"?

Bolivianita is the name of a type of semi-precious stone, only found in Bolivia. The gem is a fusion of amethyst with citrine. The colors of the gem cover a range that goes from yellow to purple.

I chose the name “Bolivianita.Art”, not only because of the obvious reason that it means “little (female) Bolivian”, but also because it has a deeper meaning for me.


The fusion of these two semi-precious stones represents two different aspects of my life, resulting in something more precious and unique than what they would be separate. It represents building a life in The Netherlands while keeping a connection with my home country Bolivia; Building a career in Design and Illustration on top of the previous learnings I have from working in Marketing and Communications; Being confident about following this path while at the same time fearful of not achieving it.

BolivianitaArt is my way of expressing the duality in which I live and my search for balance in a world where polarization continues to tear us apart.

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